Untold Casino Etiquettes to Learn Today

Untold Casino Etiquettes to Learn Today

When you play casino games online, you do not have to worry much about your appearance, your habits, or what you eat and drink during the games. However, when you visit a real casino, there are a lot of things that will distinguish you from a classy player and a stroller. You will get more attention during the games if you hold your reputation high around others. There are some etiquettes that pros do not talk about but follow at all times to do so. If you learn these etiquettes, you too can build a reputation in a real casino. Learning these untold casino etiquettes will help you enter any casino with ease.

Do not use your cell phone

Cellphones are banned from the gaming floors even today. Do not take out your cellphone during the games to talk to someone or to take pictures. If you get caught, you may get asked to leave the table. However, the staff cannot snatch your cellphone from you as it is your property. So, if you really want a picture to capture a moment, be sure to be quick before someone is forced to stop you.

Learn the hand signals

hand signal


Learn about the hand signals used in table games. Speaking out loud can cause a lot of distractions at the table. That is why players use signs to communicate their moves with the dealer and the rest of the players. There are hand signs for raising, calling, folding, and splitting the bets. Learn about the basic hand signals of each game to make your moves like a professional.

Dress up for the events

Casinos may or may not have their dress codes, but they expect you to dress decently for the games. Do not wear anything too revealing or out of the ordinary, or you may be asked to stop at the entrance. Check out the casino’s website for any dress codes that they want their guests to follow. If not, formals are the best clothes to wear to a casino.

Avoid drinking too much

Yes! The casino drinks are free. However, you do not have to get completely drunk on them. Free drinks are meant for a good time, but if you cannot control yourself, you will only create embarrassment for yourself. Drinking more will also affect the decision-making that can ruin the game for you. Moreover, if you create a scene because of your poor drinking habits, you may get asked to leave the game and casino.

Pay your respect

Always respect other players and the staff of the casino. Do not blame the dealers for your losses. Do not tease the waitresses who come to serve you drinks. Dealers and waitresses work all day to serve the guests, but they can only earn a minimum wage from their jobs. The professionals have the unspoken rule of tipping the dealers and waitresses every time they win or receive a free drink.

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